Wilmae Beauty was started because of our founder's passion for skincare and creating products that are safer for people to use daily.

"Growing up, I was someone who had very mild breakouts so I didn’t really focus much on a proper skincare regimen. Eventually, I began to yearn for a skincare routine and I decided that I would try a popular brand that was constantly on television. Within a week of using the brand’s products, I began to get serious breakouts across my entire face. I immediately stopped using the brand and began to look for other products that would help clear up what the popular brand destroyed. For years, I struggled to find products that would help get my skin back to the way it used to be. During those years, I also struggled with self-esteem issues due to my skin not looking the way it once did. I started using products that were “naturally derived” and began to notice an improvement in my skin. I was loyal to a popular naturally derived brand for years but still struggled to clear up the problem areas of my skin. I started to do some research and that’s when I discovered the world of clean beauty. I immediately purchased a few products to test them out and my problem areas started to quickly improve. As my skin improved, so did my level of self-esteem. This caused me to come up with the idea of Wilmae Beauty. I want to help our customers take their skincare regimen to the next level while also helping them to feel that empowered and confident feeling I had when my skin began to improve."

Founder, Wilmae Beauty